Dana Cooper Joins Travianna Records

New Album – Fall 2017
About Mr. Cooper: “Out of the heartland of America, stomping grounds of Truman and Twain, “powerhouse” troubadour Dana Cooper dedicated himself to a life of music over 40 years ago. This song poet engages and inspires audiences around the world with his quick wit, insightful stories and commanding presence. He is the recipient of the 2014 Heritage Musician award from Pilgrim Center for the Arts in Kansas City, MO. He was also named the 2015 Spirit of Folk award winner by Folk Alliance International. He has performed on Austin City Limits, Mountain Stage and the Kerrville Folk Festival where he was nominated for their Hall of Fame. Cooper’s songs have been recorded by top-notch artists such as bluegrass star Claire Lynch; Irish vocalist Maura O’Connell; and luminary songwriters Pierce Pettis and Susan Werner. Cooper’s mixture of flat-picking, finger-picking and percussive strumming style is legend among other guitarists. An expressive singer his voice is ageless evoking a rich lifetime of experience.” – www.danacoopermusic.com

About the label: Travianna Records is a division of the Mountain Fever Music Group. Travianna was formed to provide opportunities for artists to grow and develop their music careers with one key mantra, “Music. No Boundaries.” As the Americana/Roots/Folk genre grows, artists are in need of a home where their diverse talents and visions can be nurtured and not boxed in. This is Travianna. Mr. Cooper’s label-mates include, Pi Jacobs, Elle Carpenter, Tara Dente, After Jack and more to be announced soon.

The Gleaner by Tara Dente Hits the Streets

WILLIS, VA – June 2, 2017 Travianna Records is pleased to announce the release of Tara Dente’s newest album The Gleaner. Tara is a talented folk/alternative guitarist, singer and songwriter from Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Gleaner is her second release and her first on Travianna Records.

The Gleaner was written entirely by Ms. Dente and recorded at Lakehouse Studios in Asbury Park, NJ where Tara is an integral part of the area’s artistic revival. Dan Matlack, producer of the project says,”After seeing Tara play a few times around Asbury Park, I realized she had too much talent to pass up! Once we started working on material, I realized that her more natural sounds were coming from her songs that told stories. Those songs became the basis for The Gleaner and really leaned more into the alt-Americana music genre. The natural way that Tara plays the guitar and the honesty of her lyrics really drive home a rhythmic meeting of pure vocal talent and musicianship.”

Tara’s musical background began with piano composition and later evolved to songwriting for guitar and vocals. Her musical influences, among others, are Nick Drake, The Shins, Enya, Johnny Cash, and Brooke Fraser – all of whom helped to create Tara’s own unique style. Because of her talents, Tara was nominated for the Asbury Music Award in 2014 and 2016 for Top Female Acoustic Act.

“Tara has a long way to go in this industry so folks better jump on board now and enjoy the ride!”
– Dan Matlack, Producer

Mark Hodges, president of Travianna Records was instantly struck when he first heard tracks from what would eventually become Tara’s new album. He says, “Her approach is like none other. You can feel the sincerity in her writing and hear the passion in her voice.” Tara sometimes jokes that her musical style is as if Enya and Johnny Cash collaborated, and Mark believes she’s absolutely right. “It’s rigid, yet soft. Open, yet guarded. Numb, yet feeling. It’s really cool stuff. We are so happy to have her as a part of the Travianna Records family.”

The Gleaner features nine tracks of all original music. Tara Dente shines on the guitar and with her vocals. Stephen Maxwell lends help on the lead guitar with Zach Westfall playing bass guitar, Eric Novod on drums and Mark Masefield on Hammond. The album was engineered by Erik Romero and mixed by Tim Panella.

Listeners can purchase The Gleaner on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere great music is sold. For more on Tara Dente visit www.taradente.com and follow her on social media for updates.