Another Review for Ash Breeze

Ash Breeze, formerly The Smith Family Band is from Moore County, North Carolina and began playing bluegrass in 2010 after being classically trained. The group changed their name to Ash Breeze after an old sailing term referring to the ability to row a boat yourself when there isn’t enough breeze to fill the sails. This close family consists of the father, Allen, who plays bass, daughter Nellie, lead singer and fiddle and three sons, Corey on guitar and vocals, Luke on banjo and cajon and  Eli on vocals and mandolin. Their musical influences are folk, jazz, bluegrass, classical, blues and gospel.


The kids are pretty young, all under the age of twenty, but WOW do they have talent. They have garnered attention all over the United States as well as Canada with Wallet 6p 1CD Right GlueEndperformances at the Blue Grass and BBQ Festival in Branson, MO, Dollywood and places in Canada. Their talent on the different instruments is way beyond their years. Nellie has an amazing, pure, soulful voice and her brothers Corey and Eli do a fabulous job with background vocals. The music is a more modern Bluegrass/Americana/Gospel with a traditional flair. The album includes seven originals written by Corey, Allen and Eli as well as five fabulous instrumentals, “Category Five”, “The Edge”, “The Sunday Place”, “Little Dreamer” and “Backyard Swing.”


I really see Ash Breeze taking the Bluegrass and Americana genres by storm in the near future with their fresh, “homegrown” music.

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