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Delta Reign

Delta Reign, from the Mobile River delta region of the Gulf Coast, is bringing a fresh new sound by incorporating swing rhythms, blues and a dash of jazz… Delta Reign proudly joined the Mountain Fever Records family in June 2012 and has recently transferred to Travianna Records (a part of Mountain Fever Records) to make their presence known in the world of Americana.


As 5 rivers flow together into Mobile Bay to form the delta, so Delta Reign formed in the fall of 2004 bringing together the musical influences of each member…bluegrass, western swing, blues & jazz… it’s being called, “swinging bluegrass”. (or ‘delta bluegrass’)  and has evolved into a distinct musical personality that appeals to listeners across many genres.Delta Reign

Founding members, husband and wife duo, Pat and Benita Murphy, from Mobile, have traveled around the country, performing together (and separately) over the years in various bands from Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. After Hurricane Ivan came through the gulf coast in the fall of 2004, bringing change to their lives, they decided to
form their own band Delta Reign.

Benita sings most of the lead vocal, is the principle song writer and arranger, as well as being a strong and capable rhythm guitar player. She also switches to swing rhythm during the show contributing to that “swingy, delta grass” flavor. Continue reading Delta Reign