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THE WILDMANS – New Self-Titled Album Available Today


Travianna Records announces the all new self titled album by The Wildmans releasing worldwide today! Guest musician and friend Nick Falk shares,

“The Wildmans have been wrangling tunes and dialing in their sound at
countless fiddler’s conventions and jams for nearly a decade. But some still don’t know their talent. Now the wait is over, it’s time we fill our cups and
let them overflow with this self-titled debut of fiddle tunes and sing songs
that burn brighter than any accolades. This album draws on the quartet’s
deep groove, vocal blend, and instrumental virtuosity, all of which combine to create one of the freshest sounds in American roots music today.
The Wildmans are a true family band that is bound more by spirit than
blood sitting squarely at the crossroads of past and future and poised for

Take a couple minutes and have a listen and let the music speak for itself.

New Single From The Wildmans

Travianna Records is releasing a brand new single today from The Wildmans, “Rid My Mind” feat. Dori Freeman, from their
upcoming album (August 7, 2020). This track features the
intoxicating lead vocals of Aila Wildman which could only get
better with the addition of one Dori Freeman harmonizing and
accompanying on guitar. Add to that fact, this original new song is
also written by Dori herself and we know we are in for a real
treat. The Wildmans band members have been winning some
pretty nice awards of late too! Check out their website for more
information and don’t miss adding this to your collection.

This track features the bright talents of:
Aila Wildman – lead vocal, harmony fiddle
Eli Wildman – mandolin
Victor Furtado – banjo 
Sean Newman – bass
with special guests – 
Dori Freeman – guitar and harmony vocal
Nick Falk – percussion, harmony vocal
Nate Leath – lead fiddle