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The Road’s Not Easy…

Travianna Records is happy to announce the upcoming album by Ash Breeze set to be released in early summer. The band has taken Travianna’s motto of “Music. No Boundaries.” to heart as they’ve worked to create a project that expresses their own unique musical diversity. Ash Breeze fans will also enjoy news of the band’s selection to showcase in the 2015 International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) Bluegrass Ramble in Raleigh, NC in the fall. Ash Breeze will be featured at the event as one of acoustic and traditional music’s most promising talents.Wallet 6p 1CD Right GlueEnd

Although they are considered a ‘family band,’ Ash Breeze is not your typical one. Coming from Fayetteville, NC, the group consists of four charming and equally talented siblings, Nellie (fiddle), Corey (guitar), Luke (banjo) and Eli (mandolin), with their father, Allen holding them together (literally and figuratively) on the bass. Growing up, the kids were classically trained at home, but switched their focus to bluegrass and acoustic music in 2010. Ash Breeze signed with Mountain Fever Records in 2013, and after a successful self-titled release featuring many tracks written by  group members, Mountain Fever’s President, Mark Hodges noticed the group had interests that stretched outside of the bluegrass genre. In addition to classical, the band’s musical influences also include folk, jazz, blues and gospel music. This diversity made Mountain Fever Record’s sister label, Travianna Records the perfect home for the group.

Ash Breeze has a sound that can be related to an old soul. For their age, the band members have a rich a mature style, that coupled with the optimism and energy of youth creates a compelling sound. Ash Breeze has performed at festivals all over the United States and Canada.  Nellie, Luke and Eli have competed and won in their divisions at the Galax Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA. Their 2014 single Without Love was chosen as a Top 5 finalist in the 2014 Christian Gospel category at The Great American Songwriting Festival and was a Top 3 finalist in the Chris Austin Song Contest at Merlefest 2014.

Music enthusiasts will find it interesting that Corey Smith is the Producer of Generation Bluegrass, a video bluegrass project highlighting some of the brightest young talent in bluegrass music.

Nothing But Sky from Delta Reign !

There’s a sweet sound coming out of the Mobile River region of Alabama.  Just as individual rivers flow to form a delta, so has Delta Reigncome together combining different musical influences to create their own distinct style. “Nothing But Sky” is the culmination of this merging. 
    Delta Reign is made up of the dynamic husband and wife duo of Pat Murphy and Benita Murphy from Mobile, AL, with George Mason and Joshua Faul completing the group. Pat is a hard-driving and innovative banjo player who assists in the music arrangement. Benita is a singer/songwriter and arranges most of the group’s music. She plays a strong rhythm guitar while occasionally adding the rousing swing rhythm that the band is well-known for. Dazzling fans with his fiddle, George is from Gulfport, MS and has an impressive musical resume which is full of exceptional experience that helps set Delta Reign apart. His tenor vocals enhance the group as well.  Also from Gulfport, MS, Joshua is the newest member of the band.  Originally an electric bass player, he happened upon the upright bass while filling in with the band for a performance.  He instantly fell in love with it and has kept the band together with his smooth and steady bass playing ever since. 

    Since joining Travianna Records, with its belief “Music…No Boundaries,” Delta Reign has enjoyed the freedom of not conforming to anyone else’s rules. They have relished experimenting with recording, instrumentation and musical styles. In fact, when Benita first heard the song, “Nothing But Sky” she knew instantly that it would be the title track of their new project because of the simple, unlimited freedom it describes. In the past the group has been best known for its swinging style they call “Delta Grass,” but with their new project, they take a small turn and include added elements of bluegrass giving it a more grassy, Americana feel. The album includes many types of songs with some impressive songwriters. The title track, “Nothing But Sky” was written by Ed Williams and upon hearing it, the band quickly adopted its lyrics as their vision. Other songwriters include Alan Rhody, Bart Butler, Tony Ramey, Vip Vipperman, Cameron Earnshaw, Robert George and even Elvis Pressley.  The album, “Nothing But Sky” includes everything from an emotional ballad, bluegrass story songs, a ‘barn burner’ and western swing tunes. There’s something for everyone.  Aaron Ramsey, of Mountain Heart fame adds flair to a few tracks including the first track, “Calico Sundown” with the Weissenborn guitar and acoustic guitar. Sean Murphy provides drums.

    Benita states, “It’s our hope that with “Nothing But Sky,” listeners will get to know who Delta Reign really is. We love what we do, and we hope our listeners will too.”