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Truth In The Mud – Tara Dente

New Music Release

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Travianna Records is proud to announce Tara Dente’s third albumTruth In The Mud is available today! A true rising star, Asbury Park, New Jersey’s own Tara Dente is poised to take your heart by storm with this intimate record, quite possibly becoming your new favorite artist. She has included a fine group of fellow musicians for this release whom she lovingly calls “The Blind Pilots” when they join her on stage. Here, they have helped Tara bring her original crafted songs on Truth In The Mud all the way home.

  Tara Dente: Vocals & Acoustic Guitar;
                     Piano: (Enough, What a Mess) 

Chris Dubrow: Upright & Electric Bass 
Chris Colon: Electric & Slide Guitar
 Santo Rizzolo: Drums & Percussion 
Nicole Scorsone: Violin (Ain’t No Time, Let a Good One Go, Open Seas)
Andy Keenan: Pedal Steel (Hill So Steep) 
George Mason: String Section (Hill So Steep)

TARA DENTE/Truth in the Mud: “This crew came from Asbury Park to record in Virginia and they sound much more like roots rockers than Springsteen. With a heartland attitude and outlook, Dente and her gang come in with some meaty, juicy Americana that hits you between the eyes with it’s authenticity and power. With no affectation, she goes right for the heart and the jugular, hitting her targets with ease. Solid folk-flavored stuff throughout.”                                                                – Chris Spector / Midwest Record

New Single From The Wildmans

Travianna Records is releasing a brand new single today from The Wildmans, “Rid My Mind” feat. Dori Freeman, from their
upcoming album (August 7, 2020). This track features the
intoxicating lead vocals of Aila Wildman which could only get
better with the addition of one Dori Freeman harmonizing and
accompanying on guitar. Add to that fact, this original new song is
also written by Dori herself and we know we are in for a real
treat. The Wildmans band members have been winning some
pretty nice awards of late too! Check out their website for more
information and don’t miss adding this to your collection.

This track features the bright talents of:
Aila Wildman – lead vocal, harmony fiddle
Eli Wildman – mandolin
Victor Furtado – banjo 
Sean Newman – bass
with special guests – 
Dori Freeman – guitar and harmony vocal
Nick Falk – percussion, harmony vocal
Nate Leath – lead fiddle