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Big News Coming This Spring !!

Dana Cooper Joins Travianna Records

New Album – Fall 2017 About Mr. Cooper: “Out of the heartland of America, stomping grounds of Truman and Twain, “powerhouse” troubadour Dana Cooper dedicated himself to a life of music over 40 years ago. This song poet engages and inspires audiences around the world with his quick wit, insightful stories and commanding presence. He…

The Gleaner by Tara Dente Hits the Streets

WILLIS, VA – June 2, 2017 Travianna Records is pleased to announce the release of Tara Dente’s newest album The Gleaner. Tara is a talented folk/alternative guitarist, singer and songwriter from Asbury Park, New Jersey. The Gleaner is her second release and her first on Travianna Records. The Gleaner was written entirely by Ms. Dente…

Tara Dente Featured on Trunkspace

Visit for the whole story. Trunkspace payed a visit to Tara and this in-depth interview and review tells her story better than anyone else could. Give it a read and be sure and enjoy the video at the end… Holy Smoke This Girl Is Awesome!!!

Fantastic Reviews Keep Coming Pi’s Way

From the SONOMA COUNTY GAZETTE: On Saturday night (May 6), locally grown musician Pi Jacobs returned to Sonoma County to the Redwood Café in Cotati, playing a solid set of her signature“Americana bluesy rock thing” to a roomful of fans and local supporters. It was something of a homecoming for Jacobs, who was born in…

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