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And Now THe World Release For Pi Jacobs

On February 21st Travianna Records released to North America, “Two Truths & A Lie” , Pi Jacobs sweltering new album. Today we give you the world wide release that fans around the globe have anxiously awaited.

For the project, Jacobs turned her focus both inward and outward as she
wrote every track. She found inspiration in women she’s known – including herself – and women in history who have rallied against their own inner
demons, abuse and injustice. When listening, you may recognize some of
the characters as someone you’ve known. It’s dark and it’s deep, but it’s
also beautiful and bright.

Two Truths and a Lie features the talents of:
Pi Jacobs – guitar and lead vocals
Butch Norton – drums 
Adam Hall – Dobro, banjo and backing vocals 
Zack Hall – on upright bass and backing vocals
Carl Byron – keyboard
Jes Hudak – backing vocals
Kel Pritchard – backing vocals
Ben Fordham – backing vocals 

The album was produced by Pi Jacobs and Mark Hodges and was
recorded at Mountain Fever Studios by Mark Hodges, New Monkey
Studios by Gregory Cortez,  and The Tuna Ranch by Pi Jacobs. Two Truths
and a Lie was mixed by Dexter Simmons known for his work on Michael
Jackson’s Thriller and other stand-out projects.