Tara Dente Rocks Asbury, New Jersey With Pre-Release Party

It was a coming home party like never before when Tara Dente brought her full band on stage. Despite the nor’easter blowing in and torrential rains, the crowd kept growing through the first two opening acts but when Tara walked on stage she commanded the attention of everyone there and that’s the way it stayed till the last note was played.

Tara wants to thank a few people. “A HUGE THANKS to to everyone who is a friend to me and supports my music, and to Langosta Lounge for a spacious place to host my album release show this past Saturday night. We packed the house. ::Thank you:: Supertalented Rachel A. Dobken, Pamela Flores & her phenomenal band, and Cranston Dean & his crew for closing out the night like only they can; to my band for being the best one I could ask for: Zach Westfall, Eric Novod, Stephen Maxwell, Mark Masefield, David Hayes & Ashley McKinley; William Egan of Different Scope Photography for photographing the night; Justin Huard of The Echo Spectrum for recording audio and video and to Lydia Bagarozza for photographing; those who purchased my album there, and for those who didn’t get the chance, it will be available June 2nd on iTunes and multiple other platforms (I’ll be sure to let you know); Danny Matlack for helping me to realize my vision and helping me to create so much more outside of that vision; Lakehouse Recording Studios for a top notch place to record; Mark Hodges of Travianna for coming up to see the show, and the amazing Travianna Team (Missy Pyne Delgado, Melody At Sea)for going into overdrive to push this album out in time for the show! To Jessica Weston and Danielle Sessler for killing it at the merch table; my family for being there, and those who drove out from out of town in crappy weather to be there! To Matthew for being insanely supportive. To Colleen for listening to these songs when I first wrote them to give me feedback. To the open mics where the listening all starts. To Aunt Tina for my introduction to guitar and the Gibby. To Ana, Savannah and Jessica to whom the album is dedicated. Finally, for the struggle and pain that shaped the songs, I’m grateful for all the experiences I have. All I want is to SHARE this collection of songs and you’re all making that really easy. I have a lot of love for the Asbury Park & surrounding music communities. It’s a unique and alive place. Let’s keep making music!
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The album releases World-Wide on June 2nd.